Calling and Raising in 5 Card Draw

An important part of 5 Card Draw Poker that players do not pay much attention to is that of calling and raising. The fact is that these aspects of the game can be turned into very beneficial and profitable tools, provided you know how to use them well.

When it comes to calling, your 5 Card Draw strategy should be to limit the calls to one wager. If it is two bets, then you should raise or just fold your hand. There are two reasons for this. First, calling on the two bets sends a signal to the rest of the table that you do not have a made hand. You only hand over control of the game to the other player.

But consider if your 5 Card Draw strategy was to raise instead. If he re raises, then you know that he has a made hand. If he just calls, then makes a check after the draw, that is another sign that he has a a high hand. In that case, you can decide what to do based on what you hold.

Because of the limited number of players in the game, you should raise with good hands, preferably with high cards. If you are faced with a re raise, make certain that you have a strong hand, because, also depending on your table position, your opponent might have a very strong hand. In most instances, you need a premium pair or a two pair.

The importance of table position with regards to your 5 Card Draw strategy on raises cannot be overemphasized. The later you are, the more hands that you can make use of, because you are able to discern the kinds of hands you opponents have based on their actions. This in particular becomes evident after the draw.

Something else that you can use in 5 Card Draw strategy is that players tend to be more passive and tight before the draw. For this reason, their behavior afterwards can give you a strong hint as to what they actually got. This puts to rest the belief by some that it is impossible to read players in 5 Card Draw.

Calling and raising in 5 Card Draw is more important than players realize. The more attention you pay to it, the better the results will be for you. By integrating it in your game plan you will be able to harness them more effectively.

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