Exposing Online Poker Cheats

While it's true that there are several scam online poker websites, the online poker industry has taken drastic steps to eliminate cybercrimes. Many online poker websites have implemented the latest security measures to protect their players from criminals.

There are a few people who still think that online poker is rigged to favor the online casino. There is no truth to this claim because you are playing poker against other players, not against the casino.

Frankly speaking, the online casino doesn't really care whether you win or lose a game. All it does is to collect the rake (or fee) from every hand of poker played. Unlike in blackjack, the online poker room has no interest in the game, aside from providing the infrastructure and collecting the rake. So the idea of the online poker room manipulating the results of a hand is somewhat preposterous!

You might also notice that more monster hands are popping out in online poker games than in usual, land-based games. This has nothing to do with the software or the website. It just means that players are more "loose" online than they do in real life.

Anyone who claims to have hacked or manipulated an online poker room is just trying to dupe you into buying a cheater program. It's safe to assume that these kinds of programs are useless and are just plain rip-offs.

Most online poker sites nowadays are extremely safe and secure. Online poker sites invest a lot of money on the latest security procedures and encryption programs since safety and security means more customers and profits.

The thing you need to worry about when playing at online poker rooms is not rigged or hacked games, but cheating and colluding players. Two or more players could connive to cheat the other unsuspecting players. Through instant messenger, e-mails and phone calls, these cheats share information about game strategies and hole cards to the detriment of honest players.

Detecting cheating players is not easy especially if you are new to the game, but there are some clues to look for. For instance, if two or more players always act slowly before the flop, it could be a sign that they are conniving with each other. Furthermore, a player who continuously raises and re-raises with poor hands may be working for another player on the same table, to scare away winning players or to raise the pot.

If you are suspicious about something fishy going on, it's a good idea to leave the table at once and report the matter to the person in charge. Online poker sites won't hesitate to kick out cheating players at the first sign of suspicious behavior.

Your best bet in online poker is to look for a credible, safe and reliable online poker sites and player there. Just play your best and don't worry about hackers and cheaters. The authorities will catch them sooner or later anyway.

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