Fox Poker Club Submits Applications To Gambling Commission For More Venues

As of October 11, the Fox Poker Club has submitted more applications to the Gambling Commission for Certificates of Consent for another venue in London and other places in the UK. Fox Poker Club is likewise seeking from local authorities the necessary planning permissions.

A total of four applications by the Fox Poker Club are now with the Gambling Commission. At first, the original site was refused the necessary planning to push forward, therefore the Fox Poker Club management is looking into all the optins available tothem with this site.

As soon as the Certificates of Consent are issued, they will be able to apply for casino licenses. These licenses will be restricted to offering card room games of equal chance for all the venues.

"This is the only legal way we can run a dedicated Poker Club for fellow poker enthusiasts on a sound commercial footing," Said Chris Noth, one of the founders of Fox Poker Club.

On the other hand, the Fox Poker Club website will be re-launched in October. The new site will enable players to pre-register for memberships and will assure applicants with regular updates on how their application is proceeding. In the meantime, while the applications are being processes, the Fox Club, brother club of the Fox Poker Club, will be available for corporate events and poker tutorials.

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