Michael Ian Black: Bitten by the Acting Bug & the Poker Bug

A lot of celebrities are fond of playing poker and includes it as one of their hobbies. In the case of celebrity Michael Ian Black, playing poker is not merely a hobby. This celebrity poker player plays poker well and has been going to casinos and has been visiting online poker Web sites to further improve the way he plays the game.

Born on August 12, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois, Michael Ian Black has always been a well-known comedy writer, comedian and actor since 1993. His career in the entertainment industry began when he was featured in the television show titled "The State," aired by MTV channel. From then on, a number of television projects followed, including appearances in such shows as "Reno 911," "Crank Yankers," and "Stella." Another achievement of his was being the writer and director of the motion picture "The Pleasure of Your Company," which was released in movie theaters in the United States in 2006.

For several years, Michael Ian Black has been playing amateur poker. This celebrity poker player even joins Hollywood Poker, an online poker Web site, regularly. He also frequently participates in the television game show "Celebrity Poker Showdown," having played on behalf of the Endeavor House charity and the MAZON-A Jewish Response to Hunger charity. As a matter of fact, this celebrity poker player has joined "Celebrity Poker Showdown" a lot more times than any other celebrity poker players.

One of the perks of playing at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown" was having played with, and having defeated some of his fellow celebrity poker players like Jeremy Sisto, Adam Rodriguez, Norm MacDonald, Star Jones, Andrea Martin, Kim Coles, Jorge Garcia, Greg Behrendt, Robin Tunney, and Jason Alexander.

The ability of this celebrity poker player to crack jokes and display his antics while playing poker is what makes him interesting to watch. Despite his humorous stance, this celebrity poker player still manages to play poker well. "Celebrity Poker Showdown" host Dave Foley and commentators Phil Helmuth and Phil Gordon, who are both professional poker players, have commented on the excellent skills of this celebrity poker player. Michael Ian Black was even considered by Foley, Helmuth, and Gordon as one of the best celebrities to have joined such television game show. He is even described as an aggressive celebrity poker player despite his display of humor at the poker table.

This celebrity poker player has been married to Martha Hagen since October 17, 1998 and they have been blessed with two children. He and his family lives in Redding, Connecticut.

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