More 7 Card Stud Rules

In poker the community cards that can be used by all the players at the table are usually referred to as community cards. After the first community card has been placed on the board the players start another betting round. The player with the highest visible card starts the betting round from now and onwards (this is unique to 7 Card Stud). After this betting round is over and all players acted an additional community card is placed on the table. When reaching the second community card the stakes (size of the bets) goes up to the maximal bet at the table. A third community card is dealt with another betting round coming subsequently.

The last community card is quiet different than the previous. It is what to truly set apart 7 Card Stud from different types of poker. The last community card is placed facing down and none of the players can see it. As always another betting round initiates and the players show their hands. Then it is up to the dealer to determine the strongest hand and award the winner with the pot. 7 Card Stud is indeed a unique and challenging poker variation. Luckily enough you can find it in any typical online casino.

A Poker Book by an Ex-FBI Expert & a Psychologist

27 January 2011

'Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap' is a poker book written by Joe Navarro with Marvin Karlins. This book provides information on how poker players can read the behavior and the cards of their opponents in order to gain a winning advantage over them.


Calling and Raising in 5 Card Draw

06 April 2008

An integral part of any 5 Card Draw strategy is that of calling and raising at the most opportune and profitable times. By knowing how to call and raise at these times, you will be able to extract more money when playing 5 Card Draw.


Michael Ian Black: Bitten by the Acting Bug & the Poker Bug

02 April 2008

Michael Ian Black is not only a talented actor, comedian and writer but is also a talented poker player. Before he joined the 'Celebrity Poker Showdown,' he was already playing poker at casinos and on the Internet.


Exposing Online Poker Cheats

20 March 2008

Online poker cheating is a problem in many online poker sites. Aside from Internet fraud and scams, online poker players should also be wary about cheating and conniving players.


Why You Need Poker Lessons

06 June 2007

The key to successful poker is to become very skilled and experienced in playing the game. You can acquire the needed skills and experience by getting poker lessons for free or for a fee.



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