A Poker Book by an Ex-FBI Expert & a Psychologist

We are all aware of the growing number of poker books that focus on tells and bluffing. Some books may be disappointing to read but most of these poker books can be considered as interesting ones. Such interesting poker books can of course be considered as important additions to the growing collection of poker literature. And one of these interesting poker books is titled "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap," by Joe Navarro with Marvin Karlins. Joe Navarro is a former U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation expert while Marvin Karlins holds a Ph.D. in psychology and one of the well known gambling authors worldwide.

"Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap" features sections that are typically seen in books such as the introduction, the preface, and the forewords. Joe Navarro begins the book by relating his observations concerning tells in the game of poker. Since Joe Navarro has established a reputation for having a remarkable insight into the psychology of poker players, it should not come as a surprise anymore if poker players will become interested in reading this poker book.

Different types of behavior are discussed by Joe Navarro in "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap." This topic is discussed in other poker books but the perspectives and insights shared by Joe Navarro are new, making "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap" an interesting poker book. Most of the insights given by Joe Navarro in this poker book will definitely be agreeable to most readers.

In "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap," Joe Navarro also offers pieces of advice on how to tip the emotional state of poker players in a number of ways. The topics he has touched as he discusses the emotional state of poker players are classical tells, acting, and attitudes. Moreover, he also touches the subjects of tells of the feet, false tells, and hands. Joe Navarro does not forget to remind readers that having the skill to read the behavior of their opponents does not mean that they already know the correct way to proceed with the game.

Some of the contents of "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap" are not new but then, we are sure that this poker book is helpful in enhancing the performance of poker players while facing their opponents at the poker table. Most of the ideas presented by Joe Navarro are powerful. We bet that after reading this poker book, readers will be very eager to apply what they have read in actual plays.

Yes, we believe that the contents of "Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap" are not as groundbreaking as the other poker books. Nonetheless, the contents are excellent and reading it is definitely worthwhile.

A Poker Book by an Ex-FBI Expert & a Psychologist

27 January 2011

'Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap' is a poker book written by Joe Navarro with Marvin Karlins. This book provides information on how poker players can read the behavior and the cards of their opponents in order to gain a winning advantage over them.


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